Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 3, 2014

Welcome to the desert

I love the desert – the extremes of a landscape that has the dry faded colours of the earth and the bright blue shades of the sky paired with the range of green and gray of the desert vegetation.

Desert Botanical Gardens, PhoenixI kinda grew up in the desert – in the semi-arid, interior of British Columbia – in the Thompson River valley – but it was nothing like the Sonoran Desert in Arizona..

So when I’m in the desert, I feel at home – especially when I can see the mountains at the edge of the valley of the sun, where I am right now. I’ve landed in Phoenix, staying in Mesa, and heading for Yuma. I will get closer to the mountains and to the giant saguaro cactuses that are unique to the Sonoran desert.

My camera is ready for this landscape – the extremes of light, colour and texture – and this week’s exploration will show me more – Yuma, Tuscson and points southwest – and plenty of unique tastes along the way too…

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