Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 12, 2014

Lettuce, lettuce & dates

Taking in the surroundings of the wee town of Yuma, it was time to head to the farm – and discover that if you’re eating lettuce in most of North America – this is where it started:

Arizona - Yuma lettuce

On my Field to Feast tour, I learned about the wide range of greens and vegetables growing right now in southern Arizona -hoping that the rest of North America is hungry for them. As I heard, with all the winter storms, less people eating out and people not shopping for salads, some of these greens won’t be making any trip other than back into the dirt.

Arizona - Yuma field to table

With the Field to Feast tour, participants learn about the farming, meet growers, pick veggies and get to benefit from the culinary skills of culinary students with a lunch based on the seasonal vegetables.

arizona - Yuma lunch

And then it was time to learn about the other crop of Yuma – dates!

Arizona - Yuma Martha date farm

At Martha’s Date Farm I learned about the sexual life of these sweet palm fruit – and was happily given several tastes (including a date shake) of this luscious fruit:

Arizona - Yuma date trio

And now I’m off to Tucson – what will I find there?

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