Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 13, 2014

This is the Sonoran desert

When you think of the desert, do you think of bright colours? In the Sonoran desert of Arizona, shades of green are common – thanks to the numerous plants such as cactus, that cover the landscape:

Arizona - highway view

In Tucson, I got to experience the Sonoran Desert Museum – and unlike any museum that comes to mind, this one is outside – showcasing the desert from its inhabitants to its plants, fruit and flowers. Visitors can walk the trails to discover the desert:

Arizona - Sonoran desert museum

And as the museum reveals its treasures, there’s plenty of things to learn as well as time to be in the desert and understand how diverse it is:

Arizona - sonoran desert museum collageI loved exploring the museum, seeing what was blooming and what was growing – and it reconfirmed my love for the desert – a place where the extremes are closer than you think:

Arizona - Sonoran desert duo

Tomorrow, I’m back on the food trail of the desert and the state – promise many photos of tasty treats….

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