Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 24, 2014

Scottsdale: it’s all about vibrant colour!

Did you think the desert was neutral?

I knew it was filled with colour – since I had been going to markets, I saw the evidence, like this from the weekly Mesa Farmers’ Market:

Arizona - Mesa market

And then I arrived at The Saguaro – where colour is the key (and all inspired by Sonoran desert):

Scottadale - The Saguaro

And it was all the about details, like The Saguaro bicycles:

Scottsdale - Saguaro bike

And my view as I lounged in the afternoon sun:

Scottsdale - Saguaro path to pool

Or the patio by the Picante swimming pool, which combines colour as well as pattern:

Scottsdale - Saguaro patio

And even in the evening, this hotel kept its colour and pattern (and made it easy to find the way back to the rooms…)

Scottsdale Saguaro night path

How can you not feel happy surrounded by the colourful Sonoran desert of Scottsdale’s The Saguaro?


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