Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 25, 2014

And the colour doesn’t stop in Scottsdale

I was enthralled by the vibrant colours of Scottsdale, which I easily spotted when I went to the Picante pool at the Hotel Saguaro:

Scottsdale - Saguaro picante pool

Yellow umbrellas and cushions, with orange accents – citrus decor works well here. Or when I had a delightful and tasty meal at Distrito, created by Chef Jose Garces:

Scottsdale - Distrito patio

Scottsdale - Distrito dins

The patio had the contrast of colours – as did the dinner selections I had – like the ceviche with jalapenos, the tacos with the fuchsia cabbage and the fresh lime – or the tasty panncotta with blood orange ice cream.

I kept seeing the same shades – yellow, green, fuchsia, even purple – as well as the reddish/orange of sauces and oils that seemed to be inspired by the red earth of the Sonoran Desert.

It made me think of an often quoted phrase by Diana Vreeland – that pink was the navy blue of India. Well Scottsdale, I’m not sure I could just pick one colour, but as the day turned to night, even the cowboys were colourful.

Scottsdale-two stepping


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