Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 26, 2014

It’s all about the taco…

I remember my first taco – made from a grocery store kit with sloppy joe style ground beef, lots of cheddar cheese and tomato salsa that resembled ketchup. But I liked it.

I eventually graduated to chain restaurant tacos and then I had my first real taco years ago in Toronto’s Kensington Market, prepared by recent immigrants from Latin America. My next love was Tacos El Asador, an El Salvadorean restaurant that was steps from my former apartment, which fueled me with spicy tacos and freshly made guacamole.

Now I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole when it comes to tacos – I’ve had so many good ones across North America, Latin America and in the Caribbean. Being in Scottsdale, AZ reminded me of my love for this tasty treat:

Scottsdale - taco

Tasting this short rib and green salsa creation at the Scottsdale Old Town Farmers’ Market was a welcome option to my palate – even though it was 10am. Didn’t matter to me – tacos are welcome at any hour.  And tacos seem to follow me  – like these tasty grouper tacos on the island of Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos:

Turks & Caicos - Cabana Grill fish tacos

Or of course, in Mexico, in La Paz on the Baja Peninsula, where I had shrimp tacos with plenty of fresh lime:

Mexico - La Paz shrimp tacos

And its even reached the shores close to home – thanks to the food truck El Gastronomo Vagabundo, who regularly serve up tasty treats in Niagara, like these fish tacos:

Niagara - El Gastronomo Vagabundo tacos

So I ask the food gods, keep the taco trend going – its a delicious effect on all of us…..

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