Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 27, 2014

Mother Nature’s colourful flora makes it better

Like most women, I love flowers. And in the gray, cold days of winter, Mother Nature blesses some places with plants blooming:

Arizona - flowers

Thanks to recent trips to Florida and Arizona, I’ve been treated to the beauty of flora – but its also reminded me of a year ago, when I was in Philadelphia for its annual flower show – a riot of colour and style:

Or when I was visiting Victoria, BC, where spring comes with a vengeance thanks to all the flowers:

Victoria - spring flowers

Or to the Dallas Arboretum, where this vibrant purple caught my eye:

Dallas - Arboretum purple flowers

And to the coast of California, where the wildflowers were everywhere:

California - Pismo Beach flowers

And to the market in Castries, St Lucia, where I desperately wanted to take these long-stemmed beauties with me:

St Lucia - Castries market flowers

In the end, I just admire these blooms, but the photos do make me feel like I can survive the winter….and see these blooms in the local parks near me in a few months…

Stratford park - flowers


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