Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 3, 2014

Street art style Toronto

I’m noticing a transformation in Toronto – having lived here a few years, I’ve seen the skyline change, restaurants open and close and gentrification take hold. Construction is alive and well in this city, but so is street art.

Toronto - graffiti is illegal

But unlike other cities, which note their progress with the disappearance of graffiti and street art, there has been an  increase in sanctioned areas. In the Dufferin/Queen St. West neighbourhood, a developer commissioned graffiti artists to adorn a long fence, preventing the random tagging that would cause them to be fined by the City of Toronto.

Ford graffiti

Our illustrious Mayor certainly has caused unique graffiti – especially when first elected and his declaration to get rid of graffiti – something that instead alienated several business owners who were fined for the street art.

At the Evergreen Brick Works, they’ve fought back, citing the need to preserve the site as it was given to them, as part of the history of this area:

Evergreen Brick Works - history

But is the new found passion for street art a way of showing which areas haven’t yet changed dramatically? Or is it way to show off the growing street art scene, more noticeable with so much new around us?

One of my favourites has been the use of industrial items – like the metal clad boxes on our streets that enclose electrical or telecommunications wires:

Toronto - electrical bear graffiti

Or the garbage bins which offer another canvas for a graffiti artist:

Toronto - graffiti garbage bin

Or when one of our beloved political leaders died, we poured our hearts out in #graffiti at City Hall:

Toronto - graffiti RIP Jack

Whatever is increasing the creation of street art, I’m ready for it Toronto with my camera in hand.

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