Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 5, 2014

Trying to get THE photo

We’re apparently all photographers these days – between the smartphone and all those point and shoot digital cameras, nearly everyone has the ability to take a photo.

But doesn’t it drive you crazy when you think you have the perfect shot….and then its not?

that photo

In fact this isn’t THE photo – the focus was off, and someone walked into my frame when I was trying to focus on this exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. This one of the side effects of travelling – trying to enjoy, remember, and capture the moment – but it shouldn’t always be perfect.

I’ve always remembered being in the 40C heat and humidity of Thailand, at one of the amazing temples north of Bangkok. As I was slowly making my way around the exterior, I was chastised by a North American tourist for being in their shot. As I scurried out of the way, a bus tour arrived and a group of 50 people were soon walking past, making this person even more frustrated with the crowd blocking their “perfect” photo.

I’m sympathetic  – I’ve climbed, ran, perched and held my camera at odd angles to get the shot and cut out the person or people from my view. I’m also a big believer in photo editing, and the cropping tool is a welcome necessity. but I’m also a realist – the planet is not empty – there are people everywhere and it would be odd if we didn’t show a few now and then right?

Happy crowd, Crown Bar, Belfast

So although I wanted to show more of the bar and less of the people – the Crown Bar in Belfast is a place of people. The bar has some amazing decorative details, which I captured when I cropped other images, but the reality – its a bar – and there’s no point showing it without people – everyone would assume it was closed.

So persevere dear travellers in getting THE photo – but don’t despair if there are others – just consider it a cool photobomb – or get that crop tool working in your favour.

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