Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 10, 2014

Travel inspiration – green

Travel inspiration can come from different places – history, culture, curiosity – but how about colour?

China - Hangzhou green tea fields

The lush tea plantation in Hangzhou is one of the first things that came to mind – endless green of the leaves, ready to be picked, dried and enjoyed with an infusion of boiling water:

China - Hangzhou - the making of green tea

The colour also brings to my mind the beauty of markets, like these pretty garlicscapes at Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks market, almost ornamental and definitely worthy of including in a dish:

Evergreen Brick Works - garlic & garlic scapes

And it also reminds me of travelling the coast of Northern Ireland – the Emerald Isle is indeed that green:

Northern Ireland - sculpture circle

Northern Ireland - Country Antrim coast

I think I learned about how lush green could be in the jungle – especially the rainforest of Ecuador:

Ecuador - rainforest canopy

Ecuador - rainforest river

And for me, there’s a soft spot for my home province of British Columbia, which in my mind is always green thanks to the endless forest and even the Aboriginal artwork:

BC - Bowen Island tree

BC - Victoria Royal BC Museum

Green is one inspiration for me – and this week I’ll explore other colours that lure me to explore our planet – and make me realize how much colour really can’t be summed up in one word.


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