Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 11, 2014

Travel inspiration – red

Fiery, hot, bold – those are the words that come to mind about the colour red – but how does it relate to my travels?

It can be the serene yet bold shade of the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona:

Arizona - Sedona red rocks

Or how about this woman I met in Peru’s Sacred Valley – who’s traditional clothing and warm spirit was another memorable shade of red?

Peru - Sacred Valley beautiful lady

It can be historical – like seeing this sign in Londonderry, Northern Ireland:

Derry mural - red hand

Or remembering a popular restaurant in Toronto’s west end that sadly no longer exists – Drake BBQ:

Drake BBQ ( photo credit: The Drake Hotel)

And especially the autumn leaves, which are bold examples of what Mother Nature can create – these from Vancouver BC:

BC - Vancouver autumn colour

British Columbia - autumn

And for this Canadian – our flag in our capitol of Ottawa – a worthy journey to see the seat of power – the House of Parliament:

Canada flag on Parliament Hill

And one of the most popular symbols of Canada – and always a bold statement in red – the Royal Canadian Mounted Police doing the Musical Ride:

Ontario - Ottawa's RCMP Musical Ride

Red has lured me in my travels – check out yesterday’s inspiration colour – green


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