Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 12, 2014

Travel inspiration – white

In honour of another snowfall today in Toronto, I’m thinking of how white appears in my travels.

Like the frost on my bedroom window which almost prevents me from travelling through my city when its very, very cold:

Toronto - frosty view

But then there’s the lures to see the white of pristine snow, like snowshoeing at Quebec’s Le Massif:

Quebec - Le Massif snowshoe trail

Checking out the snowshoe paths at night in Ontario’s Muskoka region:

Ontario - Muskoka snow tracks

And getting up early to see the fresh powder when I was in Aspen, Colorado:

Colorado - Aspen snow

Heading through the white stuff on the Peak to Peak Gondola in Whistler, BC:

Whistler - Peak to Peak gondola view

Whistler - Blackcomb peak to peak gondola

And when there’s no snow, there’s also fog, like this spotted on at sunset in Toronto, ON:

Toronto - fog sunset 2

And a reminder to myself that extreme weather may not be the most welcome to a photographer (and especially a traveller) but can make for some memorable images while on the road (or at home).

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