Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 13, 2014

Travel inspiration – blue

Shades of blue have always been a lure for me – from the skies to the seas, like flying over the Caribbean Sea and the northern part of The Bahamas, the perfect harmony of blue from above and below:

Caribbean - blue planet

And Mother Nature has shown me the blue footed booby, a bird indigenous to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, with its distinctive blue feet and also drew me below the surface to see a sea lion playing:

Ecuador - Galapagos blue footed booby

Ecuador - Galapagos Is. sea lion

Or even the back of a building, showcasing a small part of a mural from Montreal’s Mural Festival:

Montreal - Botkin blue hand

And the shades of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey – a favourite spot for contemplation in this busy, big city:

Blue Mosque

Yet my dream of the upcoming Spring season in Canada reminds me of this image, taken at my friend’s house in Vancouver, BC where the flowers decided to find a tiny spot to escape under the fence:

Vancouver - blue flowers

I admit blue is an easy lure for me when I travel – and I’ll always remember the memorable visit to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon – an icy shade of blue, but a hot soak that is a must-do when visiting this northern country:

Wish you were here - Blue Lagoon, Iceland


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