Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 14, 2014

Travel inspiration – colourful world

I’ve focused on individual colours – green, blue, white, red – but really, I’m all about all colours of the rainbow. Here the shades of blue to green in Ontario’s Georgian Bay in the summer:

Ontario - Georgian Bay's water colours

Or the brilliant colours of an ad on a bus in Chennai, India:

India - Chennai motorbike colours

The result of many travels – colourful souvenirs from all over the place:

Project 13 - colours of home

Like the entrance to this brilliant pink Hindu temple on the island of Trinidad, which was a lucky visit on my way to somewhere else: Trinidad - Hindu pink temple

Or finding my house, a lovely yellow place in Hopetown in the Abacos, Bahamas:

Bahamas - Hopetown yellow house

And to the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I found the peace walls near the Shankill Road filled with colourful images:

It reminded me that I’ve been lucky to travel a lot of the planet – and glad to have seen all kinds of colourful places – from the natural world to the lights of the highrises in Dubai:

UAE - Dubai skyline

For more about what colours have inspired my travels, check it out here.



  1. a very interesting article with a different angle on travel.

    • thanks Tara! I’m still thinking about different ways that people connect to travel…we’ll see what I come up with in the next weeks…

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