Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 17, 2014

Tasting the sweet fruit of a destination

Wandering the globe, I’ve committed to eating locally wherever I got – which has broadened my palate, and encouraged me to eat seasonally – and has led me to eat some memorable meals – like the sweetest finger bananas every morning on the island of Grenada:

Grenada - fresh fruit


Or getting the last piece of watermelon at the market in Montego Bay, Jamaica, a favourite of many locals for a Saturday morning treat:


Charles Gordon Market produce


Or trying fresh grapefruit at the Castries market on St Lucia:

Castries market fruit

Castries market fruit

Trying spicy pineapple – a mix of chili sauce and fresh pineapple on the island of Trinidad:

Trinidad - pineapple

And the scent of these oranges at The Orange Patch in Mesa, Arizona was swirling around in the air, an inviting lure to eventually taste the fresh off the tree ripe orange:

Arizona - orange sorting


And one of my favourite stops, the Jean Talon Market in Montreal and getting some passionate advice (and sweet tastes) from these Quebec apple growers:

Montreal - Jean Talon apples


And although I adore fresh fruit, seeing how it was transformed into freshly-made ice cream at Otavalo ‘s Saturday market in Ecuador was another welcome way to experience local and seasonal:

Ecuador - ice cream


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