Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 18, 2014

Eating my veggies on the road

I’m fond of my vegetables – and credit my Mum with not only knowing how to cook them (she never boiled veggies!) but also not allowing me to avoid tasting things I didn’t think I would like.

So as I wander markets in so many cities, like the West Side Market in Cleveland, OH, I’m always drawn to the veggies, like radish, onion, and green onion, for their taste and their colour:

fresh vegetables at The West Side Market, Cleveland

Or wishing I could grab a bag of zucchini or broccoli at the Tierra Vegetable Stand in Santa Rosa, California:

Tierra Vegetables farm stand

Tierra Vegetables sign

Learning about the numerous varieties of beets at a farm visit during the Right Some Good festival on Cape Breton Island:

Cape Breton beets

And the endless options of lettuce greens currently growing in Yuma, Arizona:

Arizona - Yuma lettuce

Seeing all the variety and colours of potatoes at Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market:

potatoes at The West Side Market, Cleveland

And when the growing is almost done, the smart people who’ve started preserving the farm bounty for enjoyment in the dismal winter months in North America – several options spotted at Savour Stratford last September:

Savour Stratford - jars of preserves

And although every Fall it seems to become decoration for many homes, these pumpkins are also tasty vegetables – and a worthy addition to the dining table (these on sale at a grocery store in Vancouver BC):

Vancouver - Delta pumpkins

And I’ll always remember this cart spotted at the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay – where the seller was trying to bargain with me to buy it all – as he said – toss it in a pot, a meal for the whole family.

Charles Gordon Market 3

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