Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 19, 2014

Its not just the meal, its dining in style…

I’ve realized how lucky I am – not only do I get to dine on some delish cuisine when I’m travelling, I’ve also had the ability to dine in so many different environments, like dining picnic style in Peru’s Sacred Valley:

picnic table - Sacred Valley style

Or having my toes in the sand, and the garlands of colour above me at a beach bar in Barra de Potosi near Zihuatanejo, Mexico:

Bella de Potosi dining

Or picturing myself as a guest – what would I wear to dine with Elvis? Here’s his dining room in Graceland in Memphis, TN:

Graceland formal dining room

I loved the atmosphere at the Chuckwagon Cafe, found on the Cowboy Trail in southern Alberta (with its very own cutout cowgirl in the corner):

Alberta - Chuckwagon Cafe interior

Or finding the surrounds of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts as the perfect spot for a lunch in this light-filled cafe:

Boston - MFA cafeteria

And always distracted by the art in the funky cafe/garden in Dublin – Cake Cafe:

Dublin - Cake Cafe kitchen

Feeling very overwhelmed by this grand European environment – yet finding it in the hot and humid climate of Chennai, India:

restaurant - English influence

And realizing that even the simple can be just as memorable, like dining in the Ecuador rainforest with my G Adventures crew:

Ecuador - rainforest dinner

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