Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 21, 2014

Can we talk about dessert?

I like dessert. I try not to have it all the time. But dessert often gets the best of me – how can I resist?

And sometimes its tough when there’s options like Niagara Icewine cake pops :

Niagara - Icewine Ball cake pops

Or something simple, like this ricotta pancake with a fresh orange compote offered at Toronto’s Campagnolo:

Toronto - Chef Craig Harding's pancake

Or maybe you’re all about cupcakes? New Orleans’ Sucre bakery makes them daily, including the tasty Saint cupcake:

Sucre's The Saint cupcake

And there’s always a reason to head to south Florida – especially to taste key lime pie:

Florida - Le Bistro Key Lime Pie

Or would it be more fun to try these Trini sweets, sold by a roadside vendor on the island of Trinidad:

Trinidad - T&T sweets

Or maybe its time to visit the coconut candy-making town of Julucucha in Mexico:

Juluchuca - final candy making process

And there’s always time for a macaron – like at this shop in Dublin:

Dublin - Cocoa Atelier macarons

Savour the sweet mix of pistachio pastries or stuffed dates while in Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi - sweet treats

But especially in Canada, you have to try a butter tartm, like these tasty options from My Market Bakery, in Toronto’s Kensington Market:

Canada's souvenir - the sweet treat: butter tart

Even if there’s always more options for finishing the meal on a sweet note, like these options at a bakery at Cleveland’s West Side Market:

sweet treats at The West Side Market

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