Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 2, 2014

Travel days

As a regular traveller, there are days that are lost – time spent waiting and travelling and getting to a new place.

Days appear and disappear, especially as you cross time zones and long distances. But I try to remember to take a moment to contemplate where I am and what’s going on around me.

Maui - Fairmont hammock

It’s 5:30am on the isle of Maui, and sunrise is still over an hour away. But my EST self only let me sleep until 5am. Not bad all things considered.

So as I sit outside and contemplate my day from the relaxing hammock near the beach, I remember that 24 hours ago I was sitting in the Chicago airport hoping for my delayed flight to take off to San Francisco.

24 hours before that I was sitting in my apartment in Toronto, writing an article and sending out emails.

And 24 hours before that I was sitting on the roof deck of El Portal Quality Inn in San Juan, feeling the warm sun and gentle breezes as I drank my cafe con leche and read my book.

I remind myself of these moments as not just markers of where I was, but also as positive affirmations of living a good life – of learning and enjoying the life I have.

And as I sit here, and hear the waves hitting the beach, I’m also reminded that I won’t be going into the surf today. An earthquake that occurred off the coast of Chile yesterday led to tsunami warnings across the Pacific.

Although thankfully no harm will come to the Hawaiian islands, there are warnings for the early morning fishermen and water enthusiasts to not be greeting the ocean today.

Our planet is vast but at this moment it feels oh so small.

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