Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 15, 2014

Learning my Hawaiian – poke

No, its not a dance. Or a rude comment. In Hawaii, poke is a daily snack, had after work, shared with friends and definitely a must have while visiting any of the islands.

Maui - Tamura's poke

Poke (poh-kay)  is the Hawaiian word for cut or slice – and is now associated with cut raw fish salad or for those who prefer the less squeamish and more well-known words – carpaccio, ceviche or tartare.

Originally a delicacy enjoyed by fisherman – more akin to sashimi – the current version of poke became popular in the 1970s with locals who wanted a snack that was easily purchased and shared among family and friends. There’s definitely the influence of Japanese cuisine in the ingredients now found in traditional poke.

The basic salad is usually tuna, onion, soy sauce, chili, sesame oil and seaweed and often served with wasabi, Japanese horseradish sauce. There are many variations and interpretations, but everyone here is agreed, its a worthy snack.

On the island of Maui in Kahului, look for Tamura’s Fine Wine & Liquors – walk to the back past the racks of bottles and a refrigerated area with numerous kinds of poke is on offer every day.

Maui - tamura poke options



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