Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 21, 2014

Learning my Texan – Viva Fiesta!

Dallas - cowboyToday I’m off to the Lonestar State – Texas!

I’m headed to the city of San Antonio, to experience their once a year festival – Fiesta. Ole!

I’ve been several times to Texas, many times to Austin, and once to Dallas last Fall. I went to San Antonio once, about 10 years ago.

So I’m happy to renew my acquaintance with this southern city and to increase my knowledge of all that is Texas – including the local lingo of the festival – held to celebrate the heroes of the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto.

Now I doubt I’ll run into many people that will say howdy – but I suspect cowboy hats may be spotted in the crowd – and probably lots of baseball caps.

I’m hoping for bright colours, lively music and some unique people willing to share their memories of Fiesta San Antonio and why its become such a memorable annual event.

I may have seen only one cowboy hat in Dallas, but I suspect I’ll even see sombreros in San Antonio. Viva Fiesta!


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