Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 23, 2014

The styles of Fiesta

I’m learning about Fiesta, the annual celebration in San Antonio – and I’ve noticed a few things – first there are the medals:

San Antonio - Fiesta style b

These two (on  the left the CEO of San Antonio Fiesta John Melleky and on the right, a lovely woman from the Culinary Institute of America campus) both are displayed the traditional Fiesta spirit – with medals.

The medals are created by companies, non-profit groups and individuals and given and traded during the festival – and as you can, proudly worn too.

I also saw plenty of colour, like these three at last night’s Niosa party at La Villita near the Riverwalk:

San Antonio - fiesta style

Colourful floral crowns and ribbons worn by lots of women and crazy hats worn by a few. Their friend had a small pinata on his sombrero – and definitely was clearing a path in the party crowd – and making everyone smile.

But my fave, was a combination of Fiesta and sports fan – since this is Spurs territory and the NBA playoffs are on:

San Antonio - Spurs fan

If you’re going to party at Niosa apparently – its a go big or go home mentality – Viva Fiesta!

San Antonio - Fiesta roadrunners


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