Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 28, 2014

The inbetween times…

Dear traveller,

Have you seen a photo of Toronto  – with its striking skyline? Have you seen the lush parks, the unique architecture or the neighbourhoods that show off our multiculturalism?

But right now, what do we locals see?

Toronto - branches

Bare branches. The beginnings of Spring. And certainly not the picture postcard perfection or the ideal of the season. But Spring is slowly happening here – and those small shoots will quickly transform:

Toronto - shoots

And then dear traveller, this city will look like it should – and be ready for its close-up. The skyline’s cranes will still be there, the traffic still constant and the quickly moving pedestrians still not smiling or easily stopping to talk.

But the city will transform and the residents will slow their complaints of the length of winter – and we’ll all soon be complaining about heat and humidity as we revel in the hot new restaurants and summer festivals and all kinds of things that will make this city memorable.

with thanks,

a typical TO resident xo



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