Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 29, 2014

Seeking Spring flowers

I didn’t think about Spring flowers when I headed to Texas last week – until I started walking along the Riverwalk to the King William Historic District:

San Antonio - flower 2

Seeing this front garden filled with flowers made me happy – and then as I walked I kept getting a distinct scent – the lovely sweetness of jasmine flowers:

flower 3

And as I walked I saw the bursts of pink along the path – from these pretty fuchsia coloured blooms:


flower 1


And when I went farther out of the downtown to the Mission Reach area of the Riverwalk, there was an endless stream of these lavender primroses along the path.

These wildflowers that are native to the area and happily now being re-established in this area that has been a labour of love for the city of San Antonio to revitalize its river areas:

flower 4

Winter may have been long, but these burst of colours were all I needed to be reminded that the next season is the antidote, even if I had to travel to find them.


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