Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 1, 2014

Is that confetti in your hair?

I learned about another tradition of San Antonio’s Fiesta – making and sharing cascarones. Made for Easter, Fiesta and any celebrations, its a simple yet fun creation.

But before I learned about cascarones, I noticed locals with confetti and glitter in their hair. Considering the endless parties it didn’t seem strange to me, but then I learned it was because of these eggs:

San Antonio - Fiesta cascarones

Sold at stores throughout the city, cascarones are also quite easy to make. A chicken egg is drained of its yolk and using crepe paper, paint, markers, glue, confetti, glitter, ribbon and flowers, the egg is painted or dyed, filled with confetti and then decorated.

But they’re not made to be admired – they’re made to be cracked. And the proper way is to have someone else crack the egg in their hand over your head – not on your head. So you’re blessed with good luck by friends and family.

I learned how to make cascarones and then was showered with confetti – but didn’t get any photos of my colleagues cracking it over my head – but I took one last one and did it to myself:

San Antonio - W

Viva Fiesta! (and note to those – us girls with curly hair will have more confetti than those straight haired ladies. It took me several tries to get rid of all the confetti. Only done when I had to leave San Antonio!)

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