Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 16, 2014

Dreaming of…Phillipsburg, St. Maarten

Unlike many of the islands I visited in late March, where crowds were few and far between, St. Maarten was a busy, busy place.

St Maarten - ships

This is a small view of two of the six cruise ships that were in port when I arrived. Visitors from everywhere and certainly focused on exploring, shopping and taking photos.

St Maarten - downtown Phillipsburg

But I did discover the quiet spots after leaving the hustle and bustle of the shopping areas:

St Maarten beach

Especially since I was happy to lie down on soft sand – I didn’t pay the $10 to be surrounded by hundreds of others – I paid $0 and was surrounded by a small group of less than 20 tourists.

And my view:

St. Maarten - beach view

An occasional jet ski – but of course, if I veered my lens far to the left there would be numerous watersports, boats, water taxis and traffic to the cruise ships.

But I focused on the area that was ignored by the crowds – and relaxed under the endless sun…and picked up tasty snacks from this little shack:

St Maarten - snack shack



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