Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 4, 2014

Twenty five years later…

The iconic image of Chairman Mao is still overseeing Qianamen Square:

China - Beijing Mao


And on this 25th anniversary of the student protests that became a memorable symbol of the power of the Chinese government to stop any dissent – I think Qianamen Square is probably a relatively quiet place.

On most days, its filled with tourists and tourist buses, with hundreds of visitors wandering the world’s largest public square:

China - Beijing Qianamen Square

and taking as many photos as possible:

China - Beijing Qianamen Sq b

This iconic square is seen differently in the west than in China, its a place that sits in the center of the city, and is certainly rarely empty, since its surrounded by government buildings, and the Qianamen Gate (seen above) also known as the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the entrance to the Forbidden City.

And on this day, the city is probably just as busy as usual – endless traffic, busy subway system, plenty of street vendors and just another day in the week of China’s second largest metropolis.


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