Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 5, 2014

Next stop, Hohhot

After an overnight train, I awoke in the dusty, busy Inner Mongolian city of Hohhot.

Like any other city early in the morning, residents were on their way to work and school, stores were open and the news stand was selling newspapers:

China - Hohhot news

And as I perused the city streets, I noticed a vendor selling a wide assortment of something – but what it was, I wish I knew:

China - Hohhot street market

And then we were out into the grasslands – a sharp contrast from a busy city to the vast, wide open spaces:

China - Inner Mongolia horses

China - Inner Mongolia farmer

And soon I was gazing into the distance, like the farmer above, amazed to be seeing the outer edges of China without any buildings in sight. Inner Mongolia proved to be a place that was a place that had been a nomadic place and now was forced to be in a standstill.

China - Inner Mongolia pony

But the horses still are here – and the people’s connection to their traditional lifestyle is still in evidence.


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