Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 18, 2014

Dumpling love in Xi’an

I was promised good dumplings in Xi’an – and my palate was suitably rewarded:

Xian dumpling lunch

First starting with cold dishes as appetizers, it was on to the main event, an endless array of tasty, unique, yummy dumplings:

Xian - dumpling 1

Xian - dumpling 2


Xian - dumpling 4

Xian - dumpling 3

Yes even these last little rabbits are dumplings – a pastry version served along side the traditional steamed, fried and boiled. From vegetarian to meat, these dumplings were incredible – and yes, the best I’ve ever had. My two favourites – dumpling stuffed with fresh tomato and spicy chicken. May I please have more?




  1. WHY DO I LOOK WHEN I’M HUNGRY AND ABOUT TO SCARF DOWN SOMETHING JENNY CRAIG?? Oh — yelling. Sorry. Clearly in need of a Rol San date! *grin*

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