Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 19, 2014

China’s Great Wall – the challenge of the past versus the present

There is no embellishment when it comes to China’s Great Wall – it truly is an amazing sight to see:

China - first view of Great Wall

This view from below Tower 14 is looking towards one end of the this section of the Great Wall. As I soon learned, the wall was not flat nor straight – but its challenge was worth every sweaty step in the endless sunshine:

China - Great Wall steps

I’m not sure what was harder, going up or going down, but the tiny steps were just as tough as the deep stone steps at the forts.

China - Great Wall steps

I stopped frequently and I drank endless bottles of water, and although I wasn’t going at any fast rate, it was worth it to gaze across the top of the wall to the lush mountains nearby.

China - Great Wall view a

China - Great Wall view

And at the end, as I sat in the shade below this statue of a Chinese warrior, I felt like I had achieved something. I had spoken to others on the wall, run into members of my group, but for most of the way I was by myself, walking as far as I could handle in the heat, humidity and midday sun.

China - GW warrior

And over the hours I was walking the wall I contemplated the past and present – how now us tourists walked the wall to say we’ve completed a challenge, while in the past, the soldiers kept their eyes on the distance, to see who would dare challenge them. Would this change me forever? Too early to tell, but its these challenges that make me grateful that I can be challenged. (and to tell the tale…)

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