Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 27, 2014

World PRIDE in Toronto – we’ve been expecting you…

As a resident of Toronto, I want other Canadians to hear this – its a great city! You should all be proud as we’re welcoming the world to celebrate World Pride:

Toronto - rogue tomato

I’m especially proud right now, that despite the worldwide attention on this city due to the actions and commentary of Mayor Rob Ford, this city is still standing and focused on the good. We’re not going to let one person hijack why this city is great – and why its now the host of World Pride.

Toronto - Pride

On Church Street, the heart of the Gay Village, the streets, buildings and everything inbetween has been decorated in rainbows of bright colours – welcoming the world to celebrate:

Toronto - Pride

From banks to fast food – everyone’s excited and proud. And another part of the celebration has been the addition of murals celebrating the Gay history of Toronto and Canada in the neighbourhood:

Toronto - Pride

We’re all focused on having a good time, dancing to the music and welcoming everyone to celebrate. Because that’s Toronto – a big city, proud to host the first World Pride in North America – and we’re showing off – even with the CN Tower:

Toronto - Pride CN Tower


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