Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 3, 2014

Fave shot: Los Haities National Park, Samana, Dominican Republic

One of my duties when I’m at home working (after filing my daily assignments) is to edit and organize my ever-growing pile of photographs.

I decided to share some of my fave images – like this one from Los Haities National Park:

DR - Los Haities cave view

I’m just learning how to use my camera in low light and finding this image among the many, showing the unique growth around the opening to this cave and the lush exterior framing it, was a delight to me.

This hole is a creation of erosion – as the land shifts and changes with the season, it appeared. In the past, those who had gone into the caves hadn’t seen this – they had come to seek shelter, and to see the words and images on the walls, stories from their predecessors about their surroundings.

DR - Samana  collage

I soon found I had many other images from the lower light (as seen above) but the the first one seems to be the sweetest – and this window onto the world reamins my favourite – not just for my little accomplishment, but also for the idea of what lurks outside in this massive park off the shore of Samana, Dominican Republic.

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