Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 6, 2014

Discovering my city – tennis anyone?

Unlike most of the pro sports that happen in the city of Toronto – tennis is not found in the downtown. Its on the city’s northern edge at York University and the Rexall Centre – where the 2014 Rogers Cup is now on:

Toronto - Rogers Cup at Rexall

And within a short period of time, as the match started, the stands filled in with tennis fans, excited to see number three ranked Roger Federer take on a Canadian player – Peter Polansky:

Toronto - Rogers Cup Rexall 3

For those people who aren’t travellers or can’t take holidays out of town, attending an event like the Rogers Cup is the perfect answer. Its local, and even from downtown, I could take the subway to end of the line, where there was a free shuttle to drop me at the door of the Rexall Centre.

Toronto - Rogers Cup at Rexall

Go to one game but don’t think that’s it – there’s a whole lot of things to do, like watching players on the practice courts, taking a peek at the other games that aren’t featured on centre court and plenty of distractions, giveaways and tennis paraphernalia everywhere.

I could people-watch, learn about the game and on a sunny evening, a perfect way to spend some time in the late day sun. It reminded me that trying something new in your city is just as fun as jetting away – its new to you and isn’t that what counts? And bonus for me last night – seeing Federer in action.

Toronto - Rogers Cup at Rexall 2


  1. Yes, I agree! This is a fabulous way to enjoy one’s city and it feels like you’re on vacation! Milos won last night! I hope he takes it all the way!

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