Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 8, 2014

Just take the photo!

I’m learning every day about my camera and photography. I watch other people with their cameras, randomly try different settings on my camera and carry the camera every day, no matter where I’m going.

And I read – including this great piece by David Gonzalez in today’s NY Times Lens blog about photographer Ken Heyman, who started using a point and shoot camera to inspire his traditional photography.

My favourite quote ” I just pushed the button and took a picture, without focusing or setting the aperture.”

Toronto - storm skyline

And so I’ve done too – like this image taken a few nights ago when the storm clouds were coming fast and furious over downtown Toronto. I just started taking photos, and only then checked my settings. So I eventually got the more perfect shot that I shared, but when I went back and took a look at this image, I liked the dark, moody image.

It reminds me that whether I’m on the road or at home, that I’m compelled to take photos, but sometimes spend too much time trying to get the right shot. Just keep taking photos – sometimes the gem will be found when conditions aren’t that perfect.












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