Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 12, 2014

Fun in the concrete jungle

I’ve always heard people lament about the big city, that its a place without soul, without nature and is cold and unfriendly. The concrete jungle is a popular stereotype of the city, and yes, its true. There is a lot of concrete.

Toronto - running at YD Square

I’ve always loved the big city – because of its diversity and in the city of Toronto, its the neighbourhoods that make this city distinct. Yesterday, as I walked to a meeting, I went by YD Square, a community space at Yonge and Dundas. Its mostly pavement and concrete, but it has some trees, plenty of places for people to sit under umbrellas, a stage where music is played and movies are screened.

But best of of all, especially for this little girl, was that there was a fountain. The multiple spouts raise up and down in a corridor on the one side of the square, and this little girl came prepared in her swimsuit.Running between the spouts, the sound of her laughter carrying across the square, she would get close to the spout to get a little wet and then would run away dodging the next spout.

And when I saw her excitement, the thought of the concrete jungle really meant nothing to her. It was just a day in the summer sun, where she could play in the fountain. Did it matter it wasn’t surrounded by endless fields of green? This jungle may be gray, but its just as fun.


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