Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 19, 2014

Oh sun where art thou?

For residents of Toronto, we’ve had a much cooler summer than we usually have. Temperatures have barely broken past 30C – and humidity has been scarce.  Those dog days of summer when we dream of being in icy cold movie theatres to survive a summer night have not been common this summer.

Toronto - sunbathers

So although the temperature is barely making it to 20C (which is not even 70F for those who don’t know metric temperature), I noticed two of my neighbours, making time for some sunbathing in the direct sun.

I appreciate the desire for time in the sun, to feel the warmth of the summer sun and take a little time to relax in the pretty backyard of my building – which despite being a highrise has a large green area surrounding this patio. But I wondered at the one gentleman, who decided that less is best for his time in the sunshine.

Wasn’t he a little bit cold? Or did the direct rays make sure he was warm enough? Or was his disgust at the lack of warm temperatures over the past weeks of supposed summer meant that he was trying to take advantage of the one day that it seemed worthy of sunbathing and was in the staycation state of mind?

And will he there today? I understand the lure of summer – but the v-shaped bathing suit – never a good idea sir. Never.

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