Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 20, 2014

This city is changing…

After the weather and traffic, locals in Toronto all have an opinion about the changes in the city aka the numerous towers going up in our skyline.

A few years ago I took this image with my then newly-acquired Pocket Rocket camera:

Toronto skyline

And in recent months, I’ve taken photos and can easily see the changes like this image (looking east):

Toronto skyline


Or this image looking northeast from Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport on the island:

Toronto - skyline from Billy Bishop


And this image from this morning:

Aug 2014 toronto skyline

Does the city look the same or different? A few more buildings have found their way into the view, especially the monstrosity that sits at Yonge & Gerrard – which looks much bigger than everything else, but its really a trick of eye.

For city dwellers and those who like to visit cities, its the changing skyline that is part of the attraction. The urban development that may be the topic of conversation for annoyed locals is the focus of visitors, who like to see the new in cities like Toronto, even if its the old that residents can never forget.

I keep my eye on the view, not just for something to do when I step away from the laptop, but because it will eventually change the way I write about this city. Every change brings something new – a cafe, restaurant, store, attraction. And although we constantly complain about change, its change that will keep us constantly entertained.

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