Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 9, 2014

Southern style in Mobile, Alabama

In Mobile, southern style is definitely bold:

Mobile - Battle House a

I stayed at the Battle House Renaissance Hotel, built on the site of Andrew Jackson’s headquarters, and originally opened in 1852.

Mobile - Battle House AJ

But now this lovely hotel, which closed for decades and then renovated, restored and reopened in 2007, features a colourful lobby, a welcome place for guests:

Battle House d

Each corner features an original column, celebrating the four influences on Mobile – England, France, Germany and the US:

Battle House c

And on the second floor, there’s more seating, as well as the whispering arches, a side effect of the architecture, that one can stand at one end and speak normally, while at the opposite end, easily 40 feet away, another person can hear you speak thanks to acoustics.

Battle House b

This bold and welcoming style was seen repeatedly while I was visiting Mobile – and was a welcome place to relax between explorations, especially to gaze up at the original Tiffany ceiling, which has survived three hurricanes:

Mobile - Battle House ceiling

Tomorrow, I’ll share more images from some of the antebellum homes that are open for tours in Mobile, Alabama.


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