Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 10, 2014

Welcome home in Mobile, Alabama

I felt under dressed walking into the historical homes of Mobile – but loved seeing how the locals lived in the previous centuries, like this sweeping staircase in the entrance of the Richards DAR house:

Mobile - Richards aAnd the front parlor:

Richards b

The upstairs:

Richards DAR House

And my favourite – the front door:

Mobile - Richards door

The Richards family of 12 lived here in this Italinate-style Victorian home, a stately presence in Mobile. Overseen by the Daughters of the American Revolution, the house is furnished with period pieces, but the only original family item is the piano you can see in the front foyer.

For a decor fan like me, the style is not how I would decorate my home, but its unique accessories, Victorian furniture and luxe lighting was so well-suited to the home. Can’t you imagine ladies sweeping down the stairs to greet their guests? Conversation in the parlor? And relaxing on the fainting couch upstairs? Yes I can!

Mobile - Richards house

This house also features a ballast sidewalk – stones that were used on ships to balance the weight of trading goods. A common design of the time period, its now a rarity in Mobile, and paired with the wrought iron work, makes this home a notable beauty of the neighbourhood.



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