Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 11, 2014

Fave shot – photographing the photographer, Beijing China

I’ve started to accumulate a few images of people photographing other people – and this one is a recent favourite:

China - Beijing Qianamen Sq b

Standing in Tiananmen Square, this couple chose a popular view – the backdrop of the square and Meridian Gate, the entrance of the Forbidden City.

As he took the photo of her, I thought about how as ordinary citizens they wouldn’t have been able to walk into the palace, unless they were servants. And after the rise of Communism, the monarchy was banished and the people took over. And now Chairman Mao’s photo seems to offer permission to those who wish entry to the largest palace grounds on the planet.

I witnessed endless photography sessions – in China, especially the young, everyone is always taking photos, documenting their world just as much as anyone else who visits.


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