Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 12, 2014

More southern style in Mobile, Alabama

Another grand lady of Mobile, Alabama, Oakleigh House:

Mobile - Oakleigh a

This Greek Revival home was built in 1833 by a cotton broker – sitting on the highest point of the neighbourhood to escape the marsh and swamp that was close by in this port city.

The interiors were filled with period pieces, unfortunately none that were from the original or consequent owners:

Mobile - Oakleigh parlour

Mobile - Oakleigh toys

Mobile - Oakleigh bedroom

But was even more intriguing than the home’s Antebellum style, was the building at the back of the house – was it a slave quarters? A barn? A residence for servants?

Mobile - Oakleigh barracks

In fact, the house historian, hired to discover its origin, was the first to discover that this building was a military barracks. Used by the Union army after the civil war, this building probably was the home to soldiers and their wives – but also used as the military laundry. History tells us that laundresses was a synonym for prostitute, so this building may have even more stories. The research continues!

But my favourite was the front of Oakleigh – featuring its unique staircase, currently under repair:

Oakleigh front

A grand house museum, situated in the Oakleigh Gardens neighbourhood, its a worthy hour visit to see this Antebellum home and the extensive grounds of live old oaks.

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