Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 15, 2014

Mobile Bay & the Gulf of Mexico

Many articles seem to endlessly discuss the best beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States, but what about the Gulf of Mexico?

Alabama - Mobile Bay

Visiting Mobile Bay, it was an interesting discussion – people talked about southern culture, cuisine, traditions, and endlessly about the Gulf. But for us outsiders, we only thought about the disasters – hurricanes and the BP oil spill, not the reality of living near a sea on a daily basis. So I was glad to take a tour of the delta and the bay, to truly understand the connection of this city to its salt water.

Alabama - Mobile Bay causeway

Arriving in the city, I crossed this causeway, which made this isolated port city an even more popular place for trading and shipping. The reality of technology – in this case paved roads – helped make it easier for the economy to expand. But the life of the people resides in these waters – fishing, shrimping, crabbing – its all about seafood for the people.

Alabama - Mobile Bay fishing

Although this shows one man enjoying a day on the water, commercial fishing is the area’s lifeblood. And as we continued to explore and spot birds, seeing this resilient coastline survive, I listened to my guide, who told us that the state isn’t committed to saving this beauty – having one of the lowest spending dedicated to the environment in the US.

Alabama - Mobile Delta


Alabama - Mobile Bay delta b





Alabama - Mobile Bay heron on bay

Mobile Bay - Delta c

After a couple of hours, I was glad to learn about the area, and its unique place in this part of the world. When storms – tornadoes, hurricanes, rainstorms  – hit areas farther north, all that water (and pollution) arrives here. Like a filter for the south east, the delta and Mobile Bay try to protect the Gulf of Mexico as fresh water mixes with salt water. With an environment that is multi-layered and distinct, its on a precipice of economics – and needs a protector.

Alabama - Gulf  sunset




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