Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 17, 2014

Food, food and more food – eating my way through Mobile, Alabama

I did not starve while I was in Mobile, Alabama. I did occasionally crave something raw, green and not deep fried, but I won’t deny that I ate well – and despite my allergy to lobster, crab and crayfish (which I do regret every time I’m in a place with amazing seafood) I certainly enjoyed every bite:

Alabama - Mobile's Wintzells

My first dinner was at Wintzell’s a local fave for its hearty portions of tasty traditional eats – like seafood gumbo, fried green tomatoes, baked (and raw) oysters and red beans and rice with a side of chicken and sausage.

But I had arrived early, and with my pal Karen, we had discovered Noble South, a light-filled restaurant on Dauphin Street, where we indulged after a morning of travel in watermelon salad, fried catfish, shrimp, kale salad and fried okra:

Alabama  Mobile'sNoble South

The next day, after exploring some beautiful Antebellum homes, it was time to eat again – this time at Moe’s BBQ where thick-cut housemade potato chips were served with everything – including my fried shrimp sandwich and in their inventive nachos:

Alabama - Mobile moe's shrimp

Mobile - Moe's nachos

And shockingly I ate again that night – at Lap’s Grocery and Grill, a new restaurant on the bay by the Causeway, so I had to have oysters – raw and baked:

Alabama - Mobile Laps oysters

Another day, another round of tasty eats – like the this bigger than my head catfish sandwich at Baumhower’s Restaurant, a friendly sports pub:

Alabama - Baumhower's Restaurant

And impressively, I did eat again, at the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort in Point Clear, a half hour from Mobile – which of course started with appetizers – Gulf shrimp and deep fried alligator and crab bites:

Alabama - Grand M dinner


And the grand finale – I won’t brag, but this dessert was the best of my trip – bread pudding at the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort in Point Clear:

Alabama - Grand Marriott bread pudding

And yes, I lived on lemon and water for a few days when I came home.


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