Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 24, 2014

Quiet within the big city

Toronto - Front Street sculpturesEven though we choose to live in a big city for  many reasons, each one of us seeks solace within its boundaries in our own way.

Sometimes we go to the parks, sitting on a bench, taking the dog to run with fellow canine pals or walking through, enjoying the green surrounds that block out the noise and concrete of the urban life.

But when work is the dominant part of our day, escaping to a park may be difficult depending on where we are.

To have a moment to ourselves can be elusive. But even in the big city, it can be possible.

Like this gentleman, who wanted a moment to check his phone and between the highrises of Toronto’s Front Street, beneath a colourful sculpture, he was out of his office, away from work distractions and able to focus on something personal.

And even if he was aware of me taking the photo of the art, his presence made the photo, and the art even more significant in its message about people.

When I travel to big cities, I try to find these spots, these moments to take in the rhythm of the city, something that can rarely be captured by my camera, until this image.


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