Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 6, 2014

On the road…

This travel writer has been on the road – well train, bus, planes, vans, rides, walking, walking walking, up early, out late, talking, talking, talking and thankfully learning a lot.

I’ve had two fave moments – when I knew life was slowing down to a pace I wish it was all the time – the first when I saw this:

Mexico - Club Med Cancun beach

The shadows of the palm trees on the white soft sand and the crystal clear blue water of Club Med Yucatan’s Cancun peninsula beach is stunning. And the hashtag for this image? #nofilter

During my busy trip to Orlando, I had another moment of calm just before kayaking in Shingle Creek, part of the 500 acres of the Ritz Carlton & JW Marriott properties:

Florida - Shingle Creek cyprus

The morning sun was slowly illuminating the shady cyprus forest, and the nearby creek with its slow moving water, a perfect spot for exploring Shingle Creek by kayak.

So among the whirl of all that I was doing, I thankfully had two moments when I knew I could take a deep breath and realize my luck at being in nature’s beauty.

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