Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 24, 2014

Sunset at the beach…

It seems to cliche to write about sunset at the beach. But really, the reason its a cliche is because there’s so much to like about it:

South Carolina - Hilton Head beach sunset

As I gazed from my hotel balcony, I could see these at the water’s edge with their fishing poles, as the sun set and the sky went from brilliant blue to shades of purple, pink and orange. The Atlantic Ocean seemed to calm down, as if not to distract from the beauty of the changing sky. So do you believe its a cliche? I’ve always remembered the quote spotted on a souvenir sign – “I would get tired of sunsets, if they were the same everyday.”

South Carolina - HHI sunset at Hudsons

On my last night on the island, I had dinner at local joint Hudson’s and the sky and sea collaborated in a beautiful sunset while diners toasted the breezy night and happily (like myself) ate freshly caught mahi mahi, flounder, grouper, oysters and shrimp. The colours of the sky were intense and the beauty of Mother Nature was highlighted by a few dolphins looking for fish in the nearby bay. And once again I succumbed to the sunset and took as many photos as I could. Sometimes, its good to be a tourist and embrace the cliche.


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