Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 23, 2014

Travel memories – March 2014 in St. Maarten

The busy Dutch port of St. Maarten was crowded with cruise passengers when I arrived, but I soon found the quiet part of the island:

St Maarten - ships


St. Maarten - beach view

As I took the water taxi to the main area of Phillipsburg, I walked past the bars and the beach crowded with lounge chairs. I spotted the endless rows of souvenir shops and all the duty free signs luring tourists and instead found myself buying snacks at this sweet little shop on a side street:

St Maarten - snack shack

And soon I was walking back and discovered the other end of the beach, without packed lounge chairs and four beers in a bucket deals, but plenty of space to enjoy the sand and gentle sea:

St Maarten beach


And in the end, it was a perfect way to spend a few hours, soaking up sun, swimming and avoiding the craziness of the island’s swirl of tourists, all wanting that unique experience with hundreds of others.


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