Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 21, 2015

Faces of Egypt

It’s a delicate balance photographing people in other countries, yet I find as a woman I’m often more easily able to do it. But sometimes its the off the cuff, slightly surreptitious image that can tell a story.

Egypt - Cairo contemplation

This gentleman was sitting quietly on a side street as the traffic pushed on past, its noises and scents not seemingly affecting him as he sipped tea.

Egypt - Cairo bread seller

This young man is doing a job that is common on the streets of Cairo – selling bread. But unlike in the past, he can chatter on his mobile phone, while hoping for someone to stop him to pay one Egyptian pound for a circle of bread.

And like anywhere, there’s often that unexplainable moment on the street – like this blow up of a shark hanging over the sidewalk near a fish shop. But its also outside a mobile phone shop, and to me is one of those funny moments that really should just be enjoyed as it is:

Egypt - Cairo street shark

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