Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 2, 2015

Snow day

Quebec - Tremblant snowshoeing trailDo you remember snow days when you were a kid? I certainly don’t – mainly because there weren’t any.

I grew up with plenty of snow in the winter – and snow was always a good thing – it meant I could use my krazy karpet, make snow angels, toss snowballs and after the snow plow came along, it meant I could make a fort in the snow pile.

But getting a day off because of snow? Nope that didn’t happen for me. Along with everyone else, I put on my snowsuit and slowly waded my way through the snow.

My Dad, a retired elementary teacher, told me that the one scent he never liked was the wet wool from all the kids mittens drying on the heat register in the classroom. But he also said that in all his years teaching, he never remembers having a snow day.

Somehow we managed to get to school, learn, play outside at recess and lunch and make it home after school when it snowed. But let’s be clear – in the interior of BC  there rarely would be a storm – it was just snow – falling from the sky on a regular basis from the end of November to the beginning of March.

I was reminded how much had changed when I read that my hometown got over 40 cm of snow in a short period, and had to call a snow day since it came down so fast and quick.

Now everything seems to be a storm and we get whipped up into a frenzy of trying to avoid it and complaining when it does happen in the big city. Guess what my friends – its winter, its Canada, it should snow!

And although I write many travel stories about escaping the clutches of winter – and avoiding snow – I can happily say that embracing winter and enjoying it makes it so much better. So get out there and enjoy the snow – before it turns brown (or yellow). The winter staycation – get outside!


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