I’m based in Toronto, Ontario, the largest city in Canada. I grew up in Kamloops, British Columbia, where the Thompson Rivers meet in the southern area of the province, north of the Okanagan. I’ve been travelling since I was baby, instilled with the love of discovering new places by my parents.

I’ve been lucky to travel to big cities and small towns, revelling in the experience of art galleries, museums and gourmet dining as well as being in remote areas, where the sounds of an insect seems loud and the music of the environment comes from the trees, rivers and wildlife. I love to be near the ocean, in the sun, on a beach and visit islands as much as life allows.

I’ve been lucky to visit every continent on our planet – which has been an inspiration to keep on travelling. I hope I can show you the beauty of every place I visit through my writing and photographs, or if not, find an absurdity that will make you laugh.

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